Daniel Kabaroff

Daniel Kabaroff

P.Eng., CFEI | Forensic Engineer

Specialties: Electrical Engineering, Fire & Explosion

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Office : Edmonton

Phone : 780 420-1551     ext. 6107

Email : dkabaroff@cep-experts.ca




Dan graduated from the University of Alberta in 2005 with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. He came to CEP in 2017, where he specializes in investigating and reporting on losses of an electrical nature. This includes fire origin and cause determinations, failure analysis, equipment malfunctions as well as the evaluation of engineering reports from other firms. Dan’s broad experience and understanding of electrical processes, components and systems has led to the successful resolution of many fire and failure related claims.



Dan specializes in the investigation of losses involving electrical failures or fires. Types of investigations have included failures due to improper installation, manufacturing defects, component failures, and equipment damage due to smoke, water or environmental conditions. He has also worked on structure and property fires that have an electrical ignition source. His experience includes all types of electrical issues, such as vehicle, residential, commercial and industrial failures, and working within a multidisciplinary team to determine the cause of large losses.


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  • Electrical
  • Electrical equipment and network (production, transmission and distribution)
  • Lightning
  • Stray voltages
  • Instrumentation and controls
  • Industrial electronics
  • Electrical Disturbances
  • Fire and Explosion
  • Origin and Cause