When the complexity of incidents requires a wide
range of expertise

Whether they are linked to a paper press, a corroded tank or the rupture of seals causing a leak, industrial claims may differ in complexity but they are all potentially costly and dangerous! To understand them, having a diverse team of knowledgeable and experienced investigators conduct the analysis can offer a significant advantage.

The true value of teamwork

In the event of complex incidents or significant losses, a variety of expertise makes it possible to tackle a problem from several angles. This approach is optimal for understanding each of its elements, as well as speeding up the progress of the investigation thanks to the collaboration of several qualified stakeholders.
Take the example of a tank failing near a welded joint: many experts will come into play. A mechanical engineer validates the design of the object, a corrosion specialist analyzes its chemical aspects and a quality control or insurance-savvy investigator examines when and how the tank has been checked, tested, and documented. By supplementing each other’s points of view, these specialists can shed light on the event more efficiently. Unity is strength!

Experience, the core of an investigation’s resolution

As with the assembly of a puzzle, discovering the cause and origin of an incident requires recreating an ensemble from several parts, which must be found during an investigation. Gradually, the portrait or the reconstructed incident is revealed.

Seasoned investigators have a wealth of experience in which to draw upon to more easily recognize relevant clues. With assurance, the investigators will put the pieces together quickly and efficiently knowing they can turn to their colleagues when needed.

Multidisciplinary experts: an asset for finding the truth!

Is doing business with a diverse team of experienced specialists worth it? Absolutely! Thanks to their know-how, our experts avoid the most common pitfalls to discover precise answers to your questions, even the most complex. To shed light on your files, we will be happy to assist you.

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