For clear answers following a catastrophe

Supporting our clients with a team of forensic engineers, ready to be deployed from coast to coast in the event of a natural disaster: this is the raison d’être of CEP’s Catastrophe Response (CAT) Team.

Disasters of all kinds

Floods, earthquakes, multiple fires and explosions, tornadoes and strong winds, landslides, winter storms causing damage: our experts have the experience and training to intervene safely during all types of catastrophic events affecting several properties in the same geographic area.

CEP Forensic’s CAT Team will produce a preliminary opinion within 24 hours of our site visit, and a full report can be available in the following weeks. Our team will touch base with our client to ensure they receive all the information they need to deal with their claims, and each report will, as always, be tailored to what our clients require.

A structured approach

Since the engineers on this team are continuously trained, they are ready to be deployed as soon as a disaster strikes. CEP has developed a structured process for deploying our team, including the appointment of a CAT manager. This person, together with the CAT team, will determine the number of experts sent to the disaster site according to the needs and the scale of the catastrophe.

Once initial observations are made, a brief report is produced as quickly as possible. In addition to the structural condition of the site under study, the experts will also propose temporary solutions to support the damaged structure, when necessary. The on-site team can also count on well-coordinated off-site support supervised by the CAT manager.


Always striving to do better for you

Discussions with some of our customers confirmed that a coordinated and efficient response is invaluable should disaster strike. The fine tuning of our CAT approach is a testament to CEP’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer service. We are always looking for ways to improve our service and provide innovative solutions to the problems that arise for our clients. Learn more about how the CAT team operates.

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