Leonardo da Vinci - a trailblazer in forensic engineering?

Let’s go back to basics: what do forensic engineers really do? The job is split into two parts. First, these specialized engineers analyze structural, mechanical, and other engineering failures: What was the problem? Why did it happen? Then, they develop methods to resolve them: what is the best course of action for repair or is there any avenue for recovery?

Trucks, Trains and Excavators… the variety of heavy vehicles!

Heavy vehicles are part of our daily lives. Although many people are familiar with the tractor trailer, which we see in abundance on our roads, a multitude of other heavy vehicles exist, in all forms and for very distinct applications. They serve not only to transport material, but also to transform our environment by maneuvering, extracting and modifying natural resources, among other things.

Why are my lights out? – Common causes of power disruptions

Power outages are, thankfully, rare occurrences in many areas of Canada. While the sources of electricity generation vary between natural-gas fired turbines, hydroelectric dams, wind, and nuclear, the transmission and distribution systems that bring the electricity to our homes and businesses are typically very reliable. When the lights do go out, there can be a few different sources of the power outage and this article will discuss some of the more common types of failures that can cause issues.


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