In addition to being exposed to a wide range of design, material and construction risks, structures are required to withstand natural forces: wind, snow, earthquakes, floods, etc.

When a structure collapses or is damaged, there are many questions for the parties involved. Should the structure have withstood it? Were the snow or wind loads excessive? Is faulty construction or building obsolescence the cause of the damage? Can the intact sections of the building be used as a basis for reconstruction? What are the possible repairs?

Conducting a site examination and a rigorous and complete structural forensic analysis, our engineers determine the cause and origin of the damage. If necessary, they perform calculations and modeling using the most efficient software. They may also propose a repair method or a reconstruction plan. In contentious cases, they provide you with their expert advice on liability and claims.

Because the slightest force can compromise the integrity of a structure after a fire, impact or failure, our experts do not waste a minute. They are able to produce instructions and plans to stabilize and ensure the safety of the site. Use our multidisciplinary team to determine the extent of the damage, and to provide thoughtful repair recommendations.