Have you ever had a file come across your desk where there is a question of injury causation or severity? Does it seem beyond a standard engineering analysis of the incident but does not really fit the assessment of a medical physician either? Then a biomechanical engineer might just be the person you need. A biomechanical engineer is an expert that investigates injury by bridging the gap between a doctor’s diagnosis and the mechanics of the event that are reported to have caused the injury. This can help support or refute a claim or evaluate how a change in circumstances would affect the injury outcome.

Bridging science and medicine

From pedestrian impacts and multi-vehicle collisions, to walkway trips and stairway slips, to workplace injuries and playground incidents, many types of incidents can be assessed by a biomechanical engineer. By correlating injuries to the event in question, a biomechanical engineer helps determine if there are any contributing factors that would impact the severity of the injuries. Their strong engineering background enables them to analyze the physics of the incident and then take the analysis another step further by evaluating how this unexpected change in the person’s environment could cause injury. 

A tried and true system

To investigate these claims, it is important to know the specific description of the type, location, and extent of the injury as it helps determine how it may have occurred and what pre-existing conditions may have contributed to the outcome. This information may be obtained from medical documents but also from witness statements, accident reports, scene photographs and photographs of the injuries. From hospital records and radiology reports to rehabilitation reports or medical legal reports, all pertinent documents will be analysed. 

As with any investigation, the more information we can gather, the more comprehensive an opinion will be. Completing site exams, reviewing medical transcripts and other documentation, examining and/or testing an incident part and referring to any relevant scientific literature might all be part of the biomechanical investigation and analysis. The key to any insurance related investigation is the opinion at the end; our experts can provide written or verbal findings, and expert testimony if required.

Providing clear, effective results when it matters the most 

At CEP, our biomechanical engineers will correlate injuries to the mechanics of an event to confirm or refute a story, helping you make an informed decision. If you have a file to resolve, our team will be happy to assist you.

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