Mark Hughes is retiring

Mark Hughes, Vice-President - Western Canada, is retiring October 18, 2019. From starting his own company, Sintra Engineering, in 1997 servicing the Alberta insurance industry, to the recent merger with CEP in 2017, Mark has worked tirelessly to provide a gold standard of forensic engineering services in Western Canada and beyond.

CEP Forensic’s Structural & Civil Engineering team is growing

After a very busy year and a sustained high demand for our civil/structural engineering services, resulting largely from natural disasters (tornadoes as well as record snow loads and floods), our team was taxed but was able to cope, albeit at the expense of longer delays for reports and site examinations. As such, we extend our thanks to our clients for being so understanding and patient during that time period. However, we have taken steps to remedy this situation and we are pleased to announce that two additional  civil/structural engineers have now joined our Ottawa office staff.

Upcoming Event: Burning Down the House

Whether you are adjusting a first party claim, defending a liability claim or pursuing recovery through subrogation, investigating fire losses and understanding what goes into that investigation can be critical to managing your files successfully. Join us on June 27, 2019 for a program centered around a live, controlled structure fire.

CEP Sintra becomes CEP Forensic

Canada’s forensic engineering leader relaunches its brand to reflect recent growth. CEP Sintra, Canada’s largest independent forensic engineering firm, is consolidating its market presence under the banner of CEP Forensic. The change reflects continuing efforts to simplify the identity of its many locations, as well as for acquisitions and developments to come.



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