Run, jump and play - The hazards of play structures

As weather gets warmer, children and families are likely to be spending more time outdoors and at the local play structure! Although playgrounds are usually fun for children of all ages, accidents can happen, which may result in injuries. This article addresses some common play structure hazards seen by our experts in various losses.

RV Damage – a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

With the weather getting warmer across the country, recreational vehicle (RV) owners are dusting off their ‘home-away-from-home’ in preparation for adventure. While the extent of these journeys will vary, many owners did not purchase their RV with the intention of only staying on well groomed roadways. Unfortunately, a myriad of issues can arise, for a variety of reasons, in which case CEP can help you untangle the cause.

Most Memorable Files Series – Part 2

Whenever someone first meets one of our engineers, they are inevitably asked, “what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?” and, while we obviously won’t share identifying details, every engineer has a story! In part two of our series, we chatted with three of our materials engineers, Alejandro Mejia, M.Eng., P.Eng. from Toronto, Colin Allison, P.Eng., from Edmonton and, Harvey West, FEC, P.Eng., from our Vancouver office, to ask them about the memorable files they’ve encountered throughout the years:

Trucks, Trains and Excavators… the variety of heavy vehicles!

Heavy vehicles are part of our daily lives. Although many people are familiar with the tractor trailer, which we see in abundance on our roads, a multitude of other heavy vehicles exist, in all forms and for very distinct applications. They serve not only to transport material, but also to transform our environment by maneuvering, extracting and modifying natural resources, among other things.

Iron Man versus corrosion: a duel of titans!

Affecting many metals that make up everyday objects (steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, etc.), corrosion is an enemy that wreaks enormous havoc. While this phenomenon is simple enough, its plans for destruction are rather difficult to counteract - hence the importance of calling in experts to help.

Using chemistry to explain the cause of a loss

Chemistry is everywhere! The study of atoms, molecules, and the interactions between various products can also be used to analyze things that are invisible to the naked eye and to bring enormous precision to our forensic investigations for the benefit of our customers! Here are how our experts with a background in chemistry perceive its use in investigations carried out by CEP.


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