The Sudden Degradation of Concrete Block Foundations Explained

Why does the concrete block foundation of a 50 or 60 year old building, which was in perfect condition a few years ago, suddenly appear to be weakening, deformed or showing significant damage? Surprisingly, the source of such a problem may be a homeowner's idea to reduce their energy consumption by insulating the foundation. Interior renovations, particularly in the area of insulation, are often the cause of damages that may not be noticed until years later.

Trucks, Trains and Excavators… the variety of heavy vehicles!

Heavy vehicles are part of our daily lives. Although many people are familiar with the tractor trailer, which we see in abundance on our roads, a multitude of other heavy vehicles exist, in all forms and for very distinct applications. They serve not only to transport material, but also to transform our environment by maneuvering, extracting and modifying natural resources, among other things.

Most Memorable Files Series - Part 1

Whenever someone first meets one of our engineers, they are inevitably asked, “what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?” and, while we obviously won’t share details, every engineer has a story! We chatted with three of our senior collision reconstruction engineers to ask them about the memorable files they’ve encountered throughout the years:

Why are my lights out? – Common causes of power disruptions

Power outages are, thankfully, rare occurrences in many areas of Canada. While the sources of electricity generation vary between natural-gas fired turbines, hydroelectric dams, wind, and nuclear, the transmission and distribution systems that bring the electricity to our homes and businesses are typically very reliable. When the lights do go out, there can be a few different sources of the power outage and this article will discuss some of the more common types of failures that can cause issues.

Traceability of contaminated soils

In March 2018, the daily newspaper La Presse revealed that organized crime had infiltrated the contaminated soils disposal and transport industry. The Naphthalene investigation, led by the Sûreté du Québec, reportedly found that hundreds of thousands of tons of heavily contaminated soils from construction sites located in the Montreal area were illegally released into the environment.

Iron Man versus corrosion: a duel of titans!

Affecting many metals that make up everyday objects (steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, etc.), corrosion is an enemy that wreaks enormous havoc. While this phenomenon is simple enough, its plans for destruction are rather difficult to counteract - hence the importance of calling in experts to help.


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