RV Damage – a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

With the weather getting warmer across the country, recreational vehicle (RV) owners are dusting off their ‘home-away-from-home’ in preparation for adventure. While the extent of these journeys will vary, many owners did not purchase their RV with the intention of only staying on well groomed roadways. Unfortunately, a myriad of issues can arise, for a variety of reasons, in which case CEP can help you untangle the cause.

The Hazards and Safety Concerns in Flooded Buildings

When flood waters rise, the first concern is always evacuation of those in immediate danger. But once the immediate threat to life has subsided, the insurance community begins to assess the damage. In catastrophic loss situations, the overwhelming amount of damage can be daunting. So, where do you start?

The Sudden Degradation of Concrete Block Foundations Explained

Why does the concrete block foundation of a 50 or 60 year old building, which was in perfect condition a few years ago, suddenly appear to be weakening, deformed or showing significant damage? Surprisingly, the source of such a problem may be a homeowner's idea to reduce their energy consumption by insulating the foundation. Interior renovations, particularly in the area of insulation, are often the cause of damages that may not be noticed until years later.

Hitting the Wall: safely repairing vehicle impacted buildings

In general, buildings are constructed to withstand a variety of forces; wind and snow, the weight of the building itself, and the weight from its intended use, such as occupants or equipment, all need to be accounted for when a structure is designed. However, occasionally, something else might impart forces on a structure that wasn’t specifically considered during the design process: a vehicle.

For clear answers following a catastrophe

Supporting our clients with a team of forensic engineers, ready to be deployed from coast to coast in the event of a natural disaster: this is the raison d'être of CEP’s Catastrophe Response (CAT) Team.


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