Whether it’s a motorcycle, car, tractor, or skidder, the destruction of vehicles by fire can pose a real problem. Fortunately, with the right methods and tools, it can be solved. Here’s a look at the investigative work required to shed light on this mystery.
How to decipher the enigma of a vehicle fire?
Several causes can lead to a vehicle catching fire: accidents, intentional fires, design flaws, overheating of any kind and, and more recently, problems with batteries in electric or hybrid systems. These incidents and many more are all on the investigator’s suspect list.

Where to begin the investigation?
First, you need to have the year, make and serial number of the vehicle. This equivalent of a birth certificate allows the investigator to start the research by tracing data such as manufacturer recalls and the origin of certain supplier parts. It is then necessary to track the use of the vehicle (mileage, maintenance records, previous incidents).
After this data collection, the technical expert contacts the customer, the various stakeholders (policyholders, operators or witnesses), then goes back to his various leads. He can make a field visit to validate his documentary research or test his hypotheses by examining the vehicle. The investigator can then determine the exact or most likely cause of the fire.

The scientific approach of experts, an asset for deciphering the clues
Doing business with seasoned specialists is worth its weight in gold… and steel! At CEP, our certified investigators excel both in the field and in solving puzzles thanks to their innovative scientific approach. They will avoid the most common traps, such as conflicts of interest or the destruction of evidence, while supporting you in opening an investigation. If you have a file to resolve, our team will be happy to assist you.

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