Invention of the electric bulb: Let there be light!

In comic strips, characters' bright ideas are often symbolized by a light bulb, and for good reason! Can you think of many inventions that have revolutionized the processes of building design, business creation, and have facilitated advancements in the field of energy? From illumination comes invention! For 150 years, the electric light bulb has illuminated our lives. Discover this incredible story with CEP!

Motor Vehicle Data – The Importance and Use of the Data

In part three of our series on motor vehicle data, our expert concludes by emphasizing the significance of vehicle data in understanding motor vehicle accidents. From aiding repair facilities in diagnosing vehicle issues to assisting forensic engineers in reconstructing collisions, this data plays a crucial role in understanding vehicle dynamics, driver behavior, and liability assessment.

Motor Vehicle Data – Ownership and Accessibility

Part two of our series on motor vehicle data explores the ownership and accessibility of information stored within modern vehicles. Motor vehicle data can be categorized into vehicle-specific and person-specific data. While vehicle-specific data is generally collected during investigations, person-specific data, captured by infotainment systems, raises privacy concerns. Legal precedents in Canada highlight the acceptance of data in courts, emphasizing lawful acquisition and owner authorization.

Motor Vehicle Data – The Data

In Part One of our series on motor vehicle data, we uncover the wealth of information stored in today's vehicles, from diagnostic trouble codes to collision event recordings. Our expert explores the intricacies of this data by delving into its role in diagnosing vehicle issues, verifying events, and enhancing safety through technologies like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and telematics.

March: Celebrating women and their scientific brilliance!

In Canada, March marks National Engineering Month! It’s a time to celebrate the remarkable contributions of the engineering community and spark the interest of future engineers and scientists! But March is also dedicated to honoring women, many of whom have made significant strides in science. So let's seize this opportunity to honor all those who have played a pivotal role in shaping our modern world.


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