Point Clouds: A Powerful Investigative Tool

Science, technology and engineering are constantly advancing and it can be quite challenging to keep up. Some technology certainly deserves to be known and that is the case with Point Clouds. This tech looks like it is from the future but is increasingly accessible and put to use in many fields. To find out more about this technology and how it can be useful in forensic investigations, we sat down with our expert Brandon Cathcart.

Debunking Fraudulent Claims with Infotainment Units

Our collision reconstruction group receives lots of inquiries about fraudulent or questionable collision claims. Some of these questions can be resolved by closely inspecting vehicle damage. However, an entirely different set of questions can be addressed by digging into the data stored by a vehicle’s infotainment unit.

Winter Driving and You

Living in Canada, we get used to dealing with cold weather for many months of the year and are no strangers to driving in winter conditions. That also means that most people understand and account for the hazards experienced when driving in cold weather.


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