Santa's Elves: Craftsmen or Engineers?

Christmas elves are really busy during the holidays, and essential helpers for Santa Claus! But who are these sprites and what technologies do they employ? Did they receive training in school? Do they use magic? Do they only eat cookies and other sweets washed down with milk? To satisfy your curiosity, here is a little more information!

Leonardo da Vinci - a trailblazer in forensic engineering?

Let’s go back to basics: what do forensic engineers really do? The job is split into two parts. First, these specialized engineers analyze structural, mechanical, and other engineering failures: What was the problem? Why did it happen? Then, they develop methods to resolve them: what is the best course of action for repair or is there any avenue for recovery?

Women in Engineering – Spotlight on CEP’s Female Experts

Want to know more about the humans behind the expertise? To mark International Women in Engineering Day on June 23, our female experts are taking centre stage this week! At CEP Forensic, we want to celebrate the contribution of our teams in all their diversity! Our female engineers and investigators are already well known by their colleagues and clients for their professionalism and thoroughness.

Disco Inferno: fire investigation and Saturday night fever

From Hot Stuff to Disco Inferno, disco music has ignited dancers past and present. Characterized as much by its bass lines and the furious tempo of its percussion as by its arrangement of strings, brass, guitars, piano and synthesizers, its melodies could easily seem chaotic to an uninitiated ear. This impression of chaos and entanglement of elements can also be found in a fire or explosion. Flames and musical hits have more in common than you might think!


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