Forensic Analysis of Polymer Failure in Plastic Components

Over the past decades, the use of plastics in manufacturing has increased significantly, as they offer several advantages over traditional metal components. However, the failure mechanisms of plastics are not as well understood as those of metals and require specialized knowledge, equipment, and methods. With water damage on the rise and costing millions of dollars each year in insurance claims, a closer look at the intricate world of the polymer failure analysis might shed some light on some of the culprit. In this article our expert provides an overview of the common issues found behind polymer component failures.

Albert Einstein: Who was the man behind the icon?

Summarizing the career and life of Albert Einstein would be difficult… to associate him with forensic engineering even more so! For many of us, he's that shaggy-haired scientist, sticking his tongue out and shouting "E=mc²." However, this pop culture image doesn't really do justice to the political and global influence he had throughout his life.

Physics, Mechanics and Forensic Engineering: The 1001 Lives of Isaac Newton

There are people like that who are born under a lucky star or… under the right tree! Yes, legend has it that Isaac Newton developed the theory of gravity after seeing an apple fall from his apple tree. He probably thought to himself "Why did it fall?" as he ate it. Isaac Newton is about much more than gravity! Discover what he brought to forensic engineering, and much more!

Corrosion of flexible water supply lines

Forensic experts are regularly called upon to give their opinion on the cause and possibility for subrogation in cases of flexible water supply line corrosion. But rarely has a court ruled on liability in connection with such a loss. A recent judgment by the Superior Court of Quebec did so.

Santa's Elves: Craftsmen or Engineers?

Christmas elves are really busy during the holidays, and essential helpers for Santa Claus! But who are these sprites and what technologies do they employ? Did they receive training in school? Do they use magic? Do they only eat cookies and other sweets washed down with milk? To satisfy your curiosity, here is a little more information!


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