Unravelling Forensic Investigation

Gathering information, facts, and documents is a crucial part of any forensic investigation. In fact, only by gathering all the data can the expert obtain a clear picture of all possible causes to explain a failure. Then they can use fault tree analysis and technical knowledge to identify the root cause(s) of an incident and produce a report to explain it all.

Pool Failure Investigations

The Canadian pool season is short and pool owners want to savour every moment. Unfortunately, springtime often brings its fair share of pool damage. Poor or lack of maintenance, extreme temperatures, unsuitable geotechnical characteristics or an improper installation may be to blame.

March: Celebrating women and their scientific brilliance!

In Canada, March marks National Engineering Month! It’s a time to celebrate the remarkable contributions of the engineering community and spark the interest of future engineers and scientists! But March is also dedicated to honoring women, many of whom have made significant strides in science. So let's seize this opportunity to honor all those who have played a pivotal role in shaping our modern world.

The investigation process of structural failures

Structures can fail due to various factors: overloading, caused by climactic events, material deterioration, or issues during design, construction, or maintenance, is a common cause. In this video we explore the complexities of investigating structural failures, outline the steps involved and discuss subsequent actions. Our experts provide valuable insights into the role of forensic engineers in ensuring the safety and integrity of our built environment.


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